By Gabby Taylor, Communications Committee

I’ve always had an eye for fashion. Not always the fashion that you see at the Oscars or the Met Gala, but the fashion that comes with the creative design on trendy t-shirts for college apparel, organizations, or franchises that excite people and make them say, “hey, I love your shirt!”

When I saw the marketing shirts for The Big Event this year, the first thing I thought of is what it would be like to wear them in public, outside of Blacksburg, and having somebody ask what the shirt stands for. After seeing the adorable and eye-catching design that was created for TBE 2020, I now see that vision as a great possibility!

“The main inspiration was to create a design that emphasizes our main goal of the organization,” Christina High, co-executive for the Visual Communications committee for TBE, says on the creation of the shirts. “[We aim to] embody Ut Prosim and forge relationships between the VT and Blacksburg community.” 

Shirts are available in two styles and comes at a student friendly price of $15 for the short sleeve and $19 for the long sleeve!

This inspiration was brought to life on the back of the shirt with the design of a community member being assisted in his yard by a member of our organization with the university’s motto, ‘That I May Serve’, written above the scene. The sea-foam green gives the shirt an extra spark of uniqueness as well!

We cannot wait to see what the members of the community and Virginia Tech think of these new shirts, with their empowering design as described located on the back of the shirt and  the original logo of The Big Event located on the front pocket of the shirt. “It’s a fun project for us, and it’s exciting to see them in the community and on campus,” Genevieve Munch, co-executive for Visual Communications, says. “We hope people are excited to wear them.”

You can purchase a shirt at this link  to order your shirt and pick it up on campus in our office in Squires Student Center:

Follow this link to order your shirt and have it delivered to you:

ATTENTION ALL HOMEOWNERS! Project registration has officially been opened; please complete this registration between 1/5 and 2/1 if you wish to be a part of our early bird special and receive priority status on the day of the event (4/4/2020). For those who do not sign up before the special ends, project registration closes on 3/18! Don’t miss the opportunity to let us create a tight-knit community, based on service and helping others in the NRV! We are all incredibly excited to get to work as our first round of project checks are on February 1st and are approaching rapidly. The faster we get to see our homeowners, the better! In addition, project checks will be held on the 8th, 22nd, and 29th of February as well as March 21st. We cannot wait to see you all soon!

The week before finals our Internal Relations Committee and their Execs created a week full of fun events and activities to help our staff bond and unwind prior to the stress of exams and the craziness of our spring semester: Here is what they had to say about hosting these events!

Why this is important to do?

Natalie Kasmarek: These events are important because putting yourself out there and getting to know others will lead to a more efficient and connected staff. We all want TBE to be planned and run smoothly and getting to know each other will help us accomplish that!

Sammy Chee: It is important to meet new people and get to know each other! We all have The Big Event in common but, it is great to realize that some of us have more than that in common.

Ryan Adcock: These events are important because working as a team is crucial to making The Big Event happen. As important as teamwork is on the day of, these events help to bond everybody on the staff!

Vivienne Lam: This was important because everybody was able to get to know each other and share laughs throughout these events, which ultimately bonded everyone. Because everyone is comfortable with each other, we have a stronger staff, which leads to a better execution of TBE.

What it was like planning and executing an activity for Staff?

N: It was really awesome to see how all the ideas we had could be combined and adjusted to make each event perfect for us. We got to see how each person in our committee liked to work, which made us become closer as a group.

S: It was cool to see how the effort and planning paid off. It was great to see how successful and fun these events were that my other committee members had planned.

R: It was very rewarding to get to see something I planned come to fruition. I was super glad to see that everyone had a good time and met somebody new!

V: It was a little confusing planning the event because we weren’t sure how many people would come and what the room setup would be like. There was some confusion problem-solving during the actual event, but overall, I think we did a good job going with the flow and making sure everyone was having a good time.

What have you learned from this experience?

N: This week I have learned that no matter what there is no reason to have that “too cool for school” attitude. We are all here to support one another, so there is no reason not to be open and even silly sometimes.

S: From this overall week, I learned that it is good to put yourself out there.  It is okay to be silly (I got wrapped in party streamers) because everyone else is too.  It’s one more thing that we can all laugh about and bond over.

R: From the week of bonding, I have learned that you really need to rely on your committee for support. Having to plan all of these events, I thought that our committee wouldn’t have time to bond ourselves, but we all got to know each other very well.

V: I learned that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go as planned because everyone on the staff is super understanding and flexible and willing to work with the difficulties.

By Jaylin Kimble, Communications Committee

It’s that time of year again folks! The time for gratitude, hospitality and thanks – three things The Big Event represents. This Thanksgiving, there is a lot to be thankful for: family and friends or all the delicious food we’ll be sitting down to eat tonight. While there aren’t enough words to say “thank you,” we thought there was no better time than today to express our gratitude to everyone who helps us to put on The Big Event. 

1. Our Staff

We are thankful for everyone who makes up our amazing staff. We are thankful for our incredible co-directors who lead us to putting together a successful Big Event. We are thankful for each of our execs who ensure each aspect of The Big Event runs smoothly and efficiently. We are thankful for our wonderful committee members who do their part to ensure the success of The Big Event. And we are thankful for our operations team members, without whom we wouldn’t be able to be what it is today.

2. Our Volunteers

We are thankful for our fantastic volunteers; without them, our Big Event wouldn’t have as much impact on the community. We are thankful that you donate your time and effort because you believe in what The Big Event stands for. We appreciate the commitment that you show in The Big Event by volunteering from your freshman year to your senior year. Thank you for helping us to create a positive impact on our community! 

3. Our Homeowners

We are thankful for each and every one of our homeowners. We are thankful for those who have participated since the beginning and for those who are new to our growing community. Thank you for your generosity, compassion and for the hospitality and gratitude you show our volunteers for their service. We recognize your amazing support and commitment you have shown our organization throughout the years.

4. Our Sponsors

We are thankful for the incredible support and generosity from all of our sponsors. You help to make The Big Event a success and we are extremely grateful for that. The Big Event is made possible by your contributions and for that we want to show our gratitude.

5. Our School

We are very thankful for our school for their continued support and generosity. We not only appreciate everything you have done for us as an organization, but we also appreciate everything you have done for us as Hokies. We thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to help us make The Big Event a huge success and how we are able to live out our incredible motto of Ut Prosim. 

In his blog post, “Instead of Just Being Grateful, Try This on Thanksgiving,” Adam Grant writes, “Gratitude is a temporary emotion. Giving is a lasting value.” We are beyond grateful for everyone who contributes to the success of The Big Event. We are especially grateful to those who give back to our community in the form of service and are grateful you use The Big Event to do that. So this Thanksgiving, while you are visiting with family and eating good food, we ask that you think about five things in your life that you are thankful for and reflect on the impact of your service through The Big Event.