This Friday, February 15th from 10:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m., The Big Event team will be hosting a bake sale to help put on this years Big Event on April 6th! The booth will be set up right in front of Moe’s, across the street from Sharkey’s. If we get rained out on Friday, the event will be moved to the following day, Saturday the 16th, from 10:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other Fundraisers/Profit Shares coming up these next two months:

D.P. Dough Profit Share: March 5th from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Tie-Dying Volunteer Shirts: March 24th

Pie a TBE Exec: March 28th

The day of The Big Event each year is exciting, it’s fun, it’s when everything comes together. However, it’s not defined by one day, and I want to express thanks to the community and to the organization for teaching me so much throughout the past four years.

In my case and I’d imagine for others as well, I was basically transplanted from one place in Virginia to another when I started school. I came to Virginia Tech to study, and didn’t expect to be able to spend much time off campus freshman year. The Big Event gave me a way to engage with the new place I was living in. With the craziness of more online oriented
classes, and the bubble that campus can seem like, I’ve found a lot of value in having conversations with people within the New River Valley community. I’ve discovered this continual interaction with people I didn’t know to be a never-ending experience to learn and be humbled. I hope that others find it as valuable as I do.

The Big Event has never been limited to meetings or tasks to complete. The values that it has taught me have naturally surfaced in other areas of my life…. they inform my artwork, the other organizations I’ve been involved in, and the types of things I want to do post-graduation. And of course, meeting other students through The Big Event has shown me how inspiring it is to be surrounded by people who value service, leadership, and community.

I am grateful to have found The Big Event as a freshman, and even more so to have been able to continue my involvement until the end of my senior year. Along with my major, it has been the most important part of my college experience. Although Ut Prosim looked different than expected this year, all the preparation was as valuable as if the day of had been able to happen. I hope that homeowners (who can make a eXp’s search to know about their property’s true value) who requested projects and students who signed up to volunteer are excited to jump into it again next year, and I am excited to see The Big Event 2021 happen.

– Genevieve

The Big Event has defined my time here at Virginia Tech. As a freshman, I volunteered with a group of people who, as a result of us doing The Big Event together, quickly became my crew all throughout the next three years of college. In my sophomore year, I joined the Projects committee and met even more friends under the amazing leadership of Ben Robson! This continued into my junior year where the Projects committee was closer than ever before. These people brought me so much joy every single week and were there for me through the best and worst of that year. The office in squires has continued to be a haven of laughs and memories during my three years on staff. 

Freshman year

This year, my final year on staff, brought about another amazing batch of staff. Alexis and I spent hours choosing who we wanted on our committee and every single person was absolutely stellar. From the freshman to the seniors every single one of them put in 110% every week and for that Alexis and I will be forever grateful. Special shoutout to our team: Annaliese, Ashlee, Kirt, Navpreet, Elise, Caroline, Connor, Smith, Jimmy, Juliana, Kennedy, and Rayna. You all were truly the best projects team ever! 
And to our Task Force Coordinators who stepped up to be leaders within this amazing organization and became our second committee: Marnie, Tori, Arian, Ashlee, Kirt, Elise, Navpreet, Camryn, Smith, Juliette, Isaiah, Jaylin, Jimmy, Vivienne, Mackenzie, Nathalie, and Rissa! Thank you all for your amazing work every single week!   I looked forward every week to our meetings and every single person on staff could make me laugh in an instant. I have never met a more amazing and caring group of people in my life. We worked like a well-oiled machine and I hope in the future I will get to experience the level of camaraderie I experienced with this board and staff again.  

Sophomore year

This organization has helped me find what I want to do with my life. Nothing brings me more joy than going out and helping our local community. So, I started looking into what careers would allow me to do what I love every single day. Without the Big Event, I would not have found the Masters in Public Administration which I will be starting in the fall. The Big Event will always be the college experience that made the most impact on my growth as a person and for that, I am forever grateful to this amazing team. 

Junior year

With so much love, Elizabeth 

By Lauren Peters, Communication Committee

The feeling of competition and desire to get in on the Ut Prosim action was high from February 10th to February 13th. Virginia Tech Big Event took on a challenge like no other in a competition with Texas A&M and University of Oklahoma, to see who could gain the most volunteers in three days.

Many students related this to the “Trifecta” that Relay For Life does with UVA and JMU, but this was the first year the Big Event team decided to do it as well. At the end of the first day, Tech was unfortunately in last but over the next two days we made a comeback that led to us finishing second and closing the gap between Texas A&M and Virginia Tech.

While we lost the competition, we were still able to add 877 volunteers in these three short days. With the Big Event scheduled for April fourth, only 39 days away, we encourage everyone to sign up for the Big Event!

By Eric Ramos, Communication Committee

This past Saturday, The Big Event staff woke up bright and early to officially begin project checks for The Big Event on April 4th! While a rainy morning, everyone from TBE was eager and excited to meet all the homeowners prepared to participate in The Big Event. Our committee and operation members drove from houses 5 minutes away campus to houses and communities in the next town over of Christiansburg to ensure that every homeowner gets an opportunity to be a part of this big service opportunity. Project Checks are conducted every year to make sure everything is prepared and ready for our Hokies eagerly waiting for April 4th! A friendly reminder for any homeowner interested in submitting a job request for The Big Event, the deadline is March 18th at midnight, but don’t wait! We encourage you to sign up today!

ATTENTION ALL HOMEOWNERS! Project registration has officially been opened; please complete this registration between 1/5 and 2/1 if you wish to be a part of our early bird special and receive priority status on the day of the event (4/4/2020). For those who do not sign up before the special ends, project registration closes on 3/18! Don’t miss the opportunity to let us create a tight-knit community, based on service and helping others in the NRV! We are all incredibly excited to get to work as our first round of project checks are on February 1st and are approaching rapidly. The faster we get to see our homeowners, the better! In addition, project checks will be held on the 8th, 22nd, and 29th of February as well as March 21st. We cannot wait to see you all soon!