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The week before finals our Internal Relations Committee and their Execs created a week full of fun events and activities to help our staff bond and unwind prior to the stress of exams and the craziness of our spring semester: Here is what they had to say about hosting these events!

Why this is important to do?

Natalie Kasmarek: These events are important because putting yourself out there and getting to know others will lead to a more efficient and connected staff. We all want TBE to be planned and run smoothly and getting to know each other will help us accomplish that!

Sammy Chee: It is important to meet new people and get to know each other! We all have The Big Event in common but, it is great to realize that some of us have more than that in common.

Ryan Adcock: These events are important because working as a team is crucial to making The Big Event happen. As important as teamwork is on the day of, these events help to bond everybody on the staff!

Vivienne Lam: This was important because everybody was able to get to know each other and share laughs throughout these events, which ultimately bonded everyone. Because everyone is comfortable with each other, we have a stronger staff, which leads to a better execution of TBE.

What it was like planning and executing an activity for Staff?

N: It was really awesome to see how all the ideas we had could be combined and adjusted to make each event perfect for us. We got to see how each person in our committee liked to work, which made us become closer as a group.

S: It was cool to see how the effort and planning paid off. It was great to see how successful and fun these events were that my other committee members had planned.

R: It was very rewarding to get to see something I planned come to fruition. I was super glad to see that everyone had a good time and met somebody new!

V: It was a little confusing planning the event because we weren’t sure how many people would come and what the room setup would be like. There was some confusion problem-solving during the actual event, but overall, I think we did a good job going with the flow and making sure everyone was having a good time.

What have you learned from this experience?

N: This week I have learned that no matter what there is no reason to have that “too cool for school” attitude. We are all here to support one another, so there is no reason not to be open and even silly sometimes.

S: From this overall week, I learned that it is good to put yourself out there.  It is okay to be silly (I got wrapped in party streamers) because everyone else is too.  It’s one more thing that we can all laugh about and bond over.

R: From the week of bonding, I have learned that you really need to rely on your committee for support. Having to plan all of these events, I thought that our committee wouldn’t have time to bond ourselves, but we all got to know each other very well.

V: I learned that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go as planned because everyone on the staff is super understanding and flexible and willing to work with the difficulties.