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By Lauren Peters, Communication Committee

The feeling of competition and desire to get in on the Ut Prosim action was high from February 10th to February 13th. Virginia Tech Big Event took on a challenge like no other in a competition with Texas A&M and University of Oklahoma, to see who could gain the most volunteers in three days.

Many students related this to the “Trifecta” that Relay For Life does with UVA and JMU, but this was the first year the Big Event team decided to do it as well. At the end of the first day, Tech was unfortunately in last but over the next two days we made a comeback that led to us finishing second and closing the gap between Texas A&M and Virginia Tech.

While we lost the competition, we were still able to add 877 volunteers in these three short days. With the Big Event scheduled for April fourth, only 39 days away, we encourage everyone to sign up for the Big Event!