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Congratulations to the new Exec Team for the 2016 Big Event! We are all excited to make our 15th annual Big Event bigger and better on April 11, 2016!

Stop by our booth at Gobblerfest on September 4 for awesome giveaways and be on the lookout for committee applications; they should be posted in late October.

Co-Directors: Steven Vanderloo and Rahul Kulkarni
Assistant Director: Ellie Helton
Co-Directors of Communications: David Bohn and Mary D’Amico
Co-Directors of Fundraising: Kelley Florence, Matt Wyckoff and Rachel Myers
Director of Logistics: Sam McCain
Co-Directors of Programming: Kelly Olliges and Taylor Hall
Co-Directors of Project Evaluations: Tobias Barth and Karen Blair
Co-Directors of Projects: Craig McKenzie and Monica Ricci
Co-Directors of Student Outreach: Tristen Asrejadid, John Tedesco and Brock Wolf
Director of Technology: Natalie Beden
Co-Directors of Visual Communications: Katherine Fairbanks and Robbie Ashton
TBE TBD: Abbey Brainard