The Big Event at Virginia Tech


The Big Event Committees!

This event is an extraordinary way to give back to the community and exemplifies the university motto of Ut Prosim. Hosting one of the largest service events in the nation takes a lot of preparation and work, we hope you choose to help us make this event the biggest and best yet.

The Big Event 2024 date coming soon! Please fill out this form to express your interest in serving on The Big Event Staff for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year! Application information can usually be found on GobblerConnect.

Read the information below to learn more about each committee:


Sophya Hargenrater and Loren Cox

The Directors are responsible for working with all committees to ensure the success of The Big Event.

Fundraising and Finance

Gen Garson

This committee raises the funds necessary to make the Big Event possible by working with local and corporate sources. Some of the ways to raise funds include organizing profit sharing days, alumni donations, and coordinating smaller fundraisers. This committee dedicates roughly 2 hours/week to the Big Event and doesn’t have to dedicate many additional hours leading up to the day of the event in April.

Internal Relations

Tess Butler and Porter Malone

This committee is all about creating a welcoming, fun and exciting atmosphere for all those involved with The Big Event. Their job is to facilitate a student-run group that is as excited to say “Thank You” to our community as we are. IR works towards planning events, programs, and implementing new ideas to make your experience on our team the most rewarding and exciting as it can be. They are looking for energetic Hokies with experience in planning team bonding activities or in creating welcoming atmospheres in group settings. The time commitment for this committee will be about 3-4 hours per week to help with all of our activities.


Beth Morris, Ryan Rupert, and Emme Williams

Programming committee has the biggest responsibility on the day of the Big Event. They are responsible for the schedule of events and setup/layout of the Drillfield on the day of. They work with sponsors, performers, and university officials to create an engaging experience for the volunteers. Their responsibilities include the set-up and dismantling of tool distribution and the handing out of t-shirts to volunteers. By doing so you get to be a part of making this year the best Big Event ever! Time commitment will be 3 hours a week in the spring semester, but more time consuming leading up to the day of the Big Event and will require a dedication of 10 hours or more during the week of The Big Event.


Allie Walsh, Jacob Cole, and Grace Vaughn Sacks

Projects Committee is responsible for getting homeowners to submit a project request for their residence or business and to facilitate the project check process. They are one of the bigger committees so you will have a large group of people to bond with and make The Big Event family your own! The time commitment for the projects committee is around 3-5 hours a week for spring semester.

Public Relations

Charlie Sloop and Natalie Archer

Public Relations committee facilitates communications both internally among students and externally with residents using an array of programs and sources. They are also in charge of running social media accounts for the Big Event, serving as the point of contact for all things Big Event. They attend many functions related to the Big Event to get content and remain involved. During the fall semester committee members can expect to dedicate 1-2 hour(s) per week, and during the spring semester about 2-4 hours per week.

Student Outreach

Ciara Moore and Elisabeth Wasserman

Student Outreach committee focuses on recruiting as many student volunteers as possible for The Big Event through classroom presentations, marketing booths, and other duties as assigned. This committee is looking for students with an interest in public speaking, marketing, and a love for The Big Event! Committee members can expect to dedicate 2 hours per week in the spring and extra hours the week before the day of. STUDS provides fantastic grass-roots marketing experience and public speaking opportunity!

Technology and Analytics

Christina Casey

Technology and Analytics committee is responsible for maintaining The Big Event websites as well as analyzing collected data and notifying the team of important trends that will allow them to work the most efficiently. Committee Members can expect to dedicate 1-2 hour(s) per week for both semesters.

Operations (Ops) Team

Operations team is responsible for helping to complete project checks throughout the spring semester, working marketing booth shifts, and helping with any last-minute preparations during the week of The Big Event. They are crucial to the success of The Big Event. This team is less of a time commitment than the committees and is a great way to meet new people, improve professional communication, and experience the area and people surrounding the Virginia Tech campus.


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