The Big Event at Virginia Tech

Through the eyes of our seniors: Elizabeth Quill

The Big Event has defined my time here at Virginia Tech. As a freshman, I volunteered with a group of people who, as a result of us doing The Big Event together, quickly became my crew all throughout the next three years of college. In my sophomore year, I joined the Projects committee and met even more friends under the amazing leadership of Ben Robson! This continued into my junior year where the Projects committee was closer than ever before. These people brought me so much joy every single week and were there for me through the best and worst of that year. The office in squires has continued to be a haven of laughs and memories during my three years on staff. 

Freshman year

This year, my final year on staff, brought about another amazing batch of staff. Alexis and I spent hours choosing who we wanted on our committee and every single person was absolutely stellar. From the freshman to the seniors every single one of them put in 110% every week and for that Alexis and I will be forever grateful. Special shoutout to our team: Annaliese, Ashlee, Kirt, Navpreet, Elise, Caroline, Connor, Smith, Jimmy, Juliana, Kennedy, and Rayna. You all were truly the best projects team ever! 
And to our Task Force Coordinators who stepped up to be leaders within this amazing organization and became our second committee: Marnie, Tori, Arian, Ashlee, Kirt, Elise, Navpreet, Camryn, Smith, Juliette, Isaiah, Jaylin, Jimmy, Vivienne, Mackenzie, Nathalie, and Rissa! Thank you all for your amazing work every single week!   I looked forward every week to our meetings and every single person on staff could make me laugh in an instant. I have never met a more amazing and caring group of people in my life. We worked like a well-oiled machine and I hope in the future I will get to experience the level of camaraderie I experienced with this board and staff again.  

Sophomore year

This organization has helped me find what I want to do with my life. Nothing brings me more joy than going out and helping our local community. So, I started looking into what careers would allow me to do what I love every single day. Without the Big Event, I would not have found the Masters in Public Administration which I will be starting in the fall. The Big Event will always be the college experience that made the most impact on my growth as a person and for that, I am forever grateful to this amazing team. 

Junior year

With so much love, Elizabeth 

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