The Big Event at Virginia Tech

Resident Reminders

A volunteer team working with mulch at their job

The Big Event is this Saturday, April 9th! We look forward to serving you this weekend. Here are a few important reminders for the day-of. Please also note that we are receiving hundreds of emails and calls and we are responding as quickly as possible. Please read carefully below, which may answer any questions.

Day of Logistics


Currently the forecast is calling for a cold, windy day with a chance of precipitation. The Big Event is NOT cancelled at this time and will only get cancelled if the weather becomes dangerous for volunteers.

If your project cannot be completed in cold weather, we suggest looking for other tasks volunteers could complete inside such as washing windows or basic indoor cleaning. We have told the volunteers to dress appropriately for the weather so most outdoor projects should go on as planned. With that being said, please take the well-being of volunteers into account. Please give volunteers ample time to warm up while working at the job site.

A Few Disclaimers

If you have any more questions visit our homeowner FAQ section at

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