Posted by Steven Vanderloo.

By Gabby Taylor, Communications Committee

I’ve always had an eye for fashion. Not always the fashion that you see at the Oscars or the Met Gala, but the fashion that comes with the creative design on trendy t-shirts for college apparel, organizations, or franchises that excite people and make them say, “hey, I love your shirt!”

When I saw the marketing shirts for The Big Event this year, the first thing I thought of is what it would be like to wear them in public, outside of Blacksburg, and having somebody ask what the shirt stands for. After seeing the adorable and eye-catching design that was created for TBE 2020, I now see that vision as a great possibility!

“The main inspiration was to create a design that emphasizes our main goal of the organization,” Christina High, co-executive for the Visual Communications committee for TBE, says on the creation of the shirts. “[We aim to] embody Ut Prosim and forge relationships between the VT and Blacksburg community.” 

Shirts are available in two styles and comes at a student friendly price of $15 for the short sleeve and $19 for the long sleeve!

This inspiration was brought to life on the back of the shirt with the design of a community member being assisted in his yard by a member of our organization with the university’s motto, ‘That I May Serve’, written above the scene. The sea-foam green gives the shirt an extra spark of uniqueness as well!

We cannot wait to see what the members of the community and Virginia Tech think of these new shirts, with their empowering design as described located on the back of the shirt and  the original logo of The Big Event located on the front pocket of the shirt. “It’s a fun project for us, and it’s exciting to see them in the community and on campus,” Genevieve Munch, co-executive for Visual Communications, says. “We hope people are excited to wear them.”

You can purchase a shirt at this link  to order your shirt and pick it up on campus in our office in Squires Student Center:

Follow this link to order your shirt and have it delivered to you: