The Big Event at Virginia Tech

Five things that The Big Event is thankful for

By Jaylin Kimble, Communications Committee

It’s that time of year again folks! The time for gratitude, hospitality and thanks – three things The Big Event represents. This Thanksgiving, there is a lot to be thankful for: family and friends or all the delicious food we’ll be sitting down to eat tonight. While there aren’t enough words to say “thank you,” we thought there was no better time than today to express our gratitude to everyone who helps us to put on The Big Event. 

1. Our Staff

We are thankful for everyone who makes up our amazing staff. We are thankful for our incredible co-directors who lead us to putting together a successful Big Event. We are thankful for each of our execs who ensure each aspect of The Big Event runs smoothly and efficiently. We are thankful for our wonderful committee members who do their part to ensure the success of The Big Event. And we are thankful for our operations team members, without whom we wouldn’t be able to be what it is today.

2. Our Volunteers

We are thankful for our fantastic volunteers; without them, our Big Event wouldn’t have as much impact on the community. We are thankful that you donate your time and effort because you believe in what The Big Event stands for. We appreciate the commitment that you show in The Big Event by volunteering from your freshman year to your senior year. Thank you for helping us to create a positive impact on our community! 

3. Our Homeowners

We are thankful for each and every one of our homeowners. We are thankful for those who have participated since the beginning and for those who are new to our growing community. Thank you for your generosity, compassion and for the hospitality and gratitude you show our volunteers for their service. We recognize your amazing support and commitment you have shown our organization throughout the years.

4. Our Sponsors

We are thankful for the incredible support and generosity from all of our sponsors. You help to make The Big Event a success and we are extremely grateful for that. The Big Event is made possible by your contributions and for that we want to show our gratitude.

5. Our School

We are very thankful for our school for their continued support and generosity. We not only appreciate everything you have done for us as an organization, but we also appreciate everything you have done for us as Hokies. We thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to help us make The Big Event a huge success and how we are able to live out our incredible motto of Ut Prosim. 

In his blog post, “Instead of Just Being Grateful, Try This on Thanksgiving,” Adam Grant writes, “Gratitude is a temporary emotion. Giving is a lasting value.” We are beyond grateful for everyone who contributes to the success of The Big Event. We are especially grateful to those who give back to our community in the form of service and are grateful you use The Big Event to do that. So this Thanksgiving, while you are visiting with family and eating good food, we ask that you think about five things in your life that you are thankful for and reflect on the impact of your service through The Big Event.

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