The Big Event Committees!

This event is an extraordinary way to give back to the community and exemplifies the university motto of Ut Prosim. Hosting one of the largest service events in the nation takes a lot of preparation and work, we hope you choose to help us make this event the biggest and best yet.

The Big event will be on April 7, 2018! 
Attendance Survey: If you are on Committee or Ops and cannot attend the meeting, please fill out this form.
Read the information below to learn more about each committee.
Gwen Leonard and Diana Doan
Communications Committee

What does this committee do?
-Small committee to assist directors with responsibilities
-Assist with social media pages
-Attend Town-Gown meetings
-Answer phone calls from homeowners on the day of The Big Event
-1 member committee to assist director with responsibilities
-Help facilitate committee bonding
-Create new ways to give back to volunteers/committee members for their work
-Help other committees as possible

Yerin Cho
Havisha Annamreddy
Kiana Walker
Marissa Milliron
Gabby Magasic
Rachel Myers and Andrew Luo
Fundraising Committee

What does this committee do?
-Plan profit shares and bake sales
-Contact sponsors
-Work concession stands for basketball
-Brainstorm fundraising ideas

Greg Sapia
Dylan Hume
Kyra Laushell
Paige Hartian
Ryan Wahl
Ryan Couse and Katie Rappold
Jazmine Aguilar
Programming Committee

What does this committee do?
-Contact local businesses for food donations for the morning of TBE
-Provide input on performers, speakers, and the flow of the event schedule

Julia Farrell
Kayleigh Stevenson
Sophia Thompson
Tracy Duong, Ben Robson,
Lauren Dalfonzo, and Meleah Overholt
Projects Committee

What does this committee do?
-Communicate with local businesses regarding The Big Event donations and sponsorship
-Assist directors with data entry and organization of project checks
-Contact local businesses for advertising purposes
-Help gather projects by volunteering at certain locations, such as Warm Hearth Retirement community
-Assist with inputting projects into the Big Event Website
-Project stuffing the week of the Big Event in April


Aleena Gula
Michael Formica
Adam Hale
Adriana Thomas
Alexis Ballve
Ben McQueary
Cameron Walton
Chris Brassel
Elizabeth Quill

Eric Sweeter
Jacob Brummond
Josh Kaplan
Meredith Hedrick
Michael Shelton
Natalie Serio
Quin Lavey
Tori Smith
Aaron Graham and Amanda Gladstone
Student Outreach Committee

What does this committee do?
-Marketing booths
-Distribute table cards/bathroom flyers
-Speak about The Big Event in front of classes, fraternities, sororities, and clubs
-Basically just encouraging your fellow students and professors to sign up so we can make this the biggest and best Big Event that Virginia Tech has ever seen!


Arianna Martin
Murphy Liang
Sarah Mease
Amanda Charalambous
Anne Marie Tedesco
Ashley Yanego
Brenna DeBellas
Bryer Palmer
Danielle Sperry

Ian Greear
Karan Kaushal
Kelsey Poplizio
Maddie Planinsek
Matt Salvador
Nina Hoffmeyer
Trent Davis
Noah Gendron and Mason Alexander
Logistics Committee

What does this committee do?
-Plan and restructure design of tool distribution/return on the day of The Big Event to make it more efficient

Hayden Hovis
Katrina Pelky
Michael Pocta
Genevieve Munch and Stephen Edelmann
Visual Communications Committee

What does this committee do?
-Photography and videography
-Edit media
-Graphic design
-Content formulation

Alex Nieto
Kenneth Corbett
Tabitha Ngo
Spencer Morris and Steven Black
Committee Relations Committee

What does this committee do?
- Help establish the community within the Big Event
- Help Coordinate other committee and ops members during the event
- Build an exciting and inclusive atmosphere for all participants

Margot Davis
Sam Kelly
Directors: Ops Committee

What does this committee do?
-Brainstorm ideas to make The Big Event bigger and better
-Critical analysis of many areas of The Big Event to create new programs for future implementation.
-Project Checks
-Basketball Concession Stands
-Help with any last-minute preparations during the week of The Big Event
-For those engaged in other organizations, this is a great way to get involved with The Big Event with a little bit less of a time commitment!


Alli Hill
Allie Welham
Amanda Delacruz
Anna Zeng
Ashleigh Henegar
Ashlyn Pugh
Bennett Whittaker
Brandon Kim
Brandon Sigmon
Brendan Kaplan
Brendan Spillare
Brian Hendrzak
Brigid Tuite
Carli Sicher
Carly Rettie
Carson Cooper
Christina Gardiner
Christina High

David Blackwood
Don Chen
Elise Burr
Emily Rovder
Emily Spack
Emma Rafferty
Erica Christopher
Gianna Ricci
Hannah Bailey
Hannah Ropelewski
Heather Trobridge
Hope Hodges
Jack Sobel
Jackie Toye
James Caldwell
Jayne Little
Jeff Shelton
Jennifer Thompson
Jessica Calvert
Jessica Puodzinas
Joe Novak

Johnny Mick
Kaitlyn Pollock
Kaleigh Patton
Karen Park
Kate Carnivale
Kaycie Luwig
Kendanta Chandler
Libby Nashwinter
Lily Carroll
Liz Thielen
Madi Haun
Matt Marx
Megan Diamond
Meghan Laverty
Meredith Blackwood
Meredith Robbins
Michael Blood
Natalie Boyle
Nicki Dubishar
Nicole Paul

Noah Shorb
Olivia Fox
Olivia Passa
Rachel Heinzman
Rachel Thornton
Ryan Laatz
Sami Bell
Sanskriti Neupane
Sarah Horner
Sarah Okner
Sarah Pak
Shayan Waqar
Shivani Iyer
Skylar Dixon
Taryn Winters
Trillby Brown
Tristan Kiser
William Yao