The Big Event Committees!

This event is an extraordinary way to give back to the community and exemplifies the university motto of Ut Prosim. Hosting one of the largest service events in the nation takes a lot of preparation and work, and we couldn’t do it without all of our awesome committee members!

The Big event will be on April 8, 2017! 


Read the information below to learn more about each committee.
External Relations
Alex Riley and Karen Blair
External Relations Committee

What does this committee do?
-Small committee to assist directors with responsibilities
-Assist with social media pages
-Attend Town-Gown meetings
-Answer phone calls from homeowners on the day of The Big Event

Diana Doan
Lauren Dalfonzo

Steven Black
Internal Relations Committee

What does this committee do?
-1 member committee to assist director with responsibilities
-Help facilitate committee bonding
-Create new ways to give back to volunteers/committee members for their work
-Help other committees as possible

Spencer Morris
Madison Jones
Ryan Couse, Allison Pollock, Rachel Myers, and Matt Wycoff
Fundraising Committee

What does this committee do?
-Plan profit shares and bake sales
-Contact sponsors
-Work concession stands for basketball
-Brainstorm fundraising ideas

Hailey Akens
Jeremiah Bergeron
Ryan Wahl
Sarah Sedwick
Haley Olson
Jayne Little
Taylor Hall, Eric Rothenberger, and Jazmine Aguilar
Programming Committee

What does this committee do?
-Contact local businesses for food donations for the morning of TBE
-Provide input on performers, speakers, and the flow of the event schedule

Abby Setash
Brittany Adams
Yerin Cho
Project Evals
Colin Fowler and Kelly McConnell
Project Evaluations Committee

What does this committee do?
-Communicate with local businesses regarding The Big Event donations and sponsorship
-Assist directors with data entry and organization of project checks

Joseph Bugas
Thomas Earl
Tracy Duong
Nick Eda
Meleah Overholt
Olivia Reed
Michael Formica
Projects Committee
Tobias Barth and Colby Dechiara
Projects Committee

What does this committee do?
-Contact local businesses for advertising purposes
-Help gather projects by volunteering at certain locations, such as Warm Hearth Retirement community
-Assist with inputting projects into the Big Event Website
-Project stuffing the week of the Big Event in April

Kayleigh Vance
Taylor Livelli
Allyson Dixon
Christina Kim
Taylor Swan
Emilie Schweikert
Anna McClure
Vi Nguyentran
Katie and Noah
Noah Gendron and Katie Rappold
Student Outreach Committee

What does this committee do?
-Marketing booths
-Distribute table cards/bathroom flyers
-Speak about The Big Event in front of classes, fraternities, sororities, and clubs
-Basically just encouraging your fellow students and professors to sign up so we can make this the biggest and best Big Event that Virginia Tech has ever seen!


Arianna Martin
James Caldwell
Wellsley Bacon
Katherine Horwath
Breanna Debellas
Sophia Longmire
Kenneth Corbett
Michelle Jee
Margot David

Meredith Hoopes
Anne Marie Tedesco
Danielle Sperry
Cindy Yu
Emily Smith
Alden St. John
Emily Lawrence
Jessica Dodson
Mallory Wyne
Thom Dreher
Logistics Committee

What does this committee do?
-Plan and restructure design of tool distribution/return on the day of The Big Event to make it more efficient

Mitchell Hayes
Padraic Rowan
Stephen Edelmann
Visual Communications Committee

What does this committee do?
-Photography and videography
-Edit media
-Graphic design
-Content formulation

Genevieve Munch
Samantha Shreiner
Alex Nieto
External Relations
Alex Riley and Karen Blair
Steven Black
Tactical Committee

What does this committee do?
-Brainstorm ideas to make The Big Event bigger and better
-Critical analysis of many areas of The Big Event to create new programs for future implementation.
-Project Checks
-Basketball Concession Stands
-Help with any last-minute preparations during the week of The Big Event
-For those engaged in other organizations, this is a great way to get involved with The Big Event with a little bit less of a time commitment!


Aleena Gula
Gwen Leonard
Andrew Luo
Jason Compton
Leah Lilley
Allyson Baugher
Jordann Nemec
Amber Yanas
Kelly Boppe
Mary Haislip
Joe Kirby
Emily Spack
Lindsey Chafin
Sarah Mease
Trent Davis
Greg Sapia
Lucas Contl
Melany Morgna
Heather Tweedlie
Jenna Mckeuwn
Kyra Laushell
Meredith Hedrick
Abby Thompson
Samantha Seay
Quillin Gaffey
Nina Hoffmeyer
Erica Nagotko
Allie Welham

Shea Oryniak
Nicole Paul
Hayden Hovis
Milosz Rakowski
Ben Robson
Aaron Graham
Jenna St
Jack Osberg
Alicia Pratt
Matt Finkes
David Blackwood
Benjamin McQueary
Cara Yetley
Hannah Hughes
Syndey Bush
Joseph Lamb
Matt Lacey
Olivia Martin
Erica Van Doren
Danielle Curtis
Isaac Skole
Thomas O'Brien
Gabriella Magasic
Angella Barney
Erin Gladish
Meghan Laverty
Kiana Walker
Meghan Rupkey
Alyshia Moyer

Brian Cummings
Heather McMahon
Kyle Borndics
Stephanie Bishop
Luke Foody
Ashlyn Coutts
Lauren Codiroli
Andrew Gilje
Murphy Liang
Jonathan (Seth) Epperson
Gregory Klatt
Jeremy Kim
Hazel Condori
Cameron Walton
Kylie Speier
Akshay Rawat
Emily Rovder
Annie Gao
Jillian Payne
Aidan Mulligan
Matt Marx
Mason Thompson
Reilly Matthews
Jason Roth
Mallory Wyne
Doug Fusco
Thomas Bugas