The Big Event Committees!

This event is an extraordinary way to give back to the community and exemplifies the university motto of Ut Prosim. Hosting one of the largest service events in the nation takes a lot of preparation and work, we hope you choose to help us make this event the biggest and best yet.

The Big Event will be on April 6, 2019!

Read the information below to learn more about each committee:


Heather Trobridge and Hayden Hovis
Communications Committee

This committee facilitates communications both internally among students and externally with residents using an array of programs and sources. Communications is also in charge of running social media accounts for the Big Event, serving as the point of contact for the crowdfunding campaign, attending many functions related to the Big Event and much more! During the fall semester committee members can expect to dedicate 1-2 hours per week, and during the spring semester about 2-4 hours per week.

Justin Larkin
Dayna Kim
Kira Dionne
Eric Ramos

Kyra Laushell and Julia Farrell
Fundraising Committee

This committee raises the funds necessary to make the Big Event possible by working with local and corporate sources. Some of the ways to raise funds include organizing profit sharing days, alumni donations and coordinating smaller fundraisers. This committee dedicates roughly 2 hours/week to the Big Event and doesn’t have to dedicate many additional hours leading up to the day of the event in April.

Gabby Magasic
Rachel Mawn
Julianna Hampshire
Rissa McGill
Greg Sapia
Mary Grace Gould
Sophia Thompson

Meleah Overholt, Mason Alexander, and Chris Brassel
Programming Committee

This committee has the biggest responsibility on the day of the Big Event. Programming Committee is responsible for the schedule of events and setup/layout of the Drillfield on the day of. They work with sponsors, performers, and university officials to create an engaging experience for the volunteers. Their responsibilities include the set-up and dismantling of tool distribution and the handing out projects and t-shirts to volunteers. Also, committee members will help secure discounts for volunteers and food for committee members by interacting with local businesses. By doing so you get to be a part of making this year the best Big Event ever!! Time commitment will be 3 hours a week in the spring semester, but more time consuming leading up to the day of the Big Event and will require dedication of 10 hours or more during the week before the event.

Julia Horrocks
Caitlyn Hogg
Kevin Conner
Karli Foster
Marshall Kurtz
Thomas Super
Kate Carnivale
Michael Pocta

Ben Robson and Jess Puodziunas
Projects Committee

As Projects Committee, we are responsible for getting homeowners to sign up for projects and to facilitate the project check process. We are one of the bigger committees so you will have a large group of people to bond with and make The Big Event family your own! The time commitment for the projects committee is around 3-5 hours a week for spring semester.

Elizabeth Quill
Michael Shelton
Jack Montgomery
Mustafa Beidas
Alexis Ballve
Brian Hendrzak
Meredith Hedrick
Aleena Gula
Josh Kaplan
Ryan Shayer

Anne Marie Tedesco and Matt Salvador
Student Outreach Committee

This committee focuses on recruiting as many student volunteers as possible for The Big Event through classroom presentations, marketing booths, and other duties as assigned. This committee is looking for students with an interest in public speaking, marketing, and a love for The Big Event!! Committee members will be expected to spend an hour committed to work during each week in the spring and will be able to commit 8-10 hours the week before the day of. STUDS provides fantastic grass-roots marketing experience and public speaking opportunity!

Ben McQueary
Madison Wright
Stephen Travers
Kenny Corbett
Allie Welham
Libby Griffis
Meredith Robbins
Trilby Brown
Justin Petrie
Dylan Hume
Erica Christopher
Francesca Lionetti
Sana Ahmad
Allison Gormley
Carly Rettie
Nathalie Thomas
Patrick Brinker
Jack Vance
Liz Bellville
Visual Communications

Genevieve Munch and Christina High
Visual Communications Committee

This committee works to develop and support the brand identity behind The Big Event. Individuals who are dedicated to this committee will work to create any media (print, digital, video) needed for communicating and marketing to students/residents the excitement that is inherent to the Big Event! This is the committee for you if you have artistic talent, photography experience or enthusiasm for design! During the fall semester committee members can expect to dedicate 2 hours to committee per week, and during the spring semester up to 5 hours per week.

Rachel Wolniak
Robert Stanziano
Samantha Chee

Moira Pelton
Technology Committee

This committee is responsible for helping maintain and update the website for The Big Event at Virginia Tech,, as well as our volunteer and homeowner online registration system. Committee duties include learning to navigate the website, merging and printing project request forms, sorting through bounceback emails from volunteer and homeowner signups, and assisting with phone calls and logistics on the day of the event. The time commitment for this committee is about 1-2 hours per week, with some added time responsibilities in the weeks prior to the event.

Reese Pounders
Daisy Ng
Luke Byrge
Internal Relations

Sam Kelly
Internal Relations Committee

This committee is all about creating a welcoming, fun and exciting atmosphere for all those involved with The Big Event. Our job is to facilitate a student-run group that is as excited to say "Thank You" to our community as we are. We will be working to plan events, programs, and new ideas to make this experience the most rewarding and exciting as it can be. We are looking for energetic Hokies with experience in planning team bonding activities, or experience in creating welcoming atmospheres in group settings. The time commitment for this committee will be about 3-4 hours per week to help with all of our activities.

Ashley Yanego
Abigail Patterson
Hayley Miller
Directors: Ops Committee

What does this committee do?
-Brainstorm ideas to make The Big Event bigger and better
-Critical analysis of many areas of The Big Event to create new programs for future implementation.
-Project Checks
-Basketball Concession Stands
-Help with any last-minute preparations during the week of The Big Event
-For those engaged in other organizations, this is a great way to get involved with The Big Event with a little bit less of a time commitment!


Abbey Abueznaid
Alejandro Garcia Llanos
Amy Wikiera
Alina Alam
Aubrie Shiblie
Audrey Schultz
Brandon Jacobs
Navpreet Brar
Brigid Tuite
Camryn Morris
Carly Wright
Chloe Wynns
Claire Gallihugh
Caitlin Winner
Dhanya Babu
Elise Burr
Emily Smith
Emily Fusaro
Emily Hammond
Emily Rovder
Emily Eugenio
Erika Workman
Ethan Alexander
Eva Grumbine
Fallon Curry

Megan Garman
Hannah Ropelewski
Elena High
Hannah Bailey
Sarah Horner
Iram Amir
Isaiah Varella
Jake Carter
Jeremy Osten
Jimmy Knepper
Joanie Belo
Johnny Micka
Jordan Lail
Jennifer Thomson
Kajal Desai
Kate Springsteen
Katie Myers
Kati Burton
Kaycie Ludwig
Kayla Hachtel
Chris Kuhler
Kendall Cope
Kate Esper
Kevin Miller
Jaylin Kimble

Jacob Robert Kaminsky
Samantha Kahn
Kylie Lanigan
Kylie Speier
Kyra Sullivan
Lauren Peters
Kinsley Lawler
Lina Osman
Lukas Staudenmayer
Maggie Kaysak
Mallory Turner
Marnie Adelkopf
Matthew Stromberg
Matthew Koo
Michael Blood
Amanda Meccia
Meghan Rupkey
Mohamed Elnoubi
Jessica Murphy
Maddie Tchong
Madison Repass
Natalie Hallman
Nathan Mostow
Nikhil Raheja
Nick Villar

Nicholas Zaso
Kaitlyn Pollock
Kourtney Phillips
Quinn Eisenhower
Rebecca Pioso
Julianna Richard
Ryan Laatz
Ryan Adcock
Sahar Sarbakhshian
Samya Ahmad
Sami Bell
Alex Scharr
Kennedy Schultz
Shivani Iyer
Skylar Dixon
Taryn Winters
Timothy K Ferguson
Victoria Alvord
Varun Modak
Vincent Sedita
William Campbell